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Hayward Lawn Services has been a trusted lawn & garden provider in Ontario since 2005. We offer various lawn & gardening solutions such as landscaping, fertilizing, and mulch application to improve the look of any outdoor space. We have well-trained gardeners and workers who utilize the latest machinery and world-class plant supplements to accomplish any goal.

From residential to retail store owners, Hayward Lawn Services cater to any clients. Receive a free quote by contacting us today!

Hayward Lawn Services

It's Easy Being Green

All Hayward crew have several years of experience in lawn maintenance and garden improvement. We ensure high-grade service that suits your outdoor space.




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Hayward gardeners will maintain your flower beds, grass, and other flora within a designated outdoor space. Our team can provide regular schedule plant watering, seed planting, soil tilling, and plant pruning.


Improve your lawn health and appearance through our high-end fertilizing services. Hayward uses certified fertilizers containing all the essential nutrients your lawn needs. Our fertilizing solutions come in different price ranges to accommodate any lawn owners.


Professional gardeners introduce high-grade mulch onto your lawn, which can decrease weed development, increase moisture retention within the soil, and control the temperature. The proper mulch application provided by Hayward's qualified crew bolsters the health and look of your lawn.


Most outdoor spaces tend to be littered with leaves during the fall and spring season. Hayward can tidy up your outdoor space with our professional lawn & garden cleaning services.

All About Us

Make Your Garden Great Again

Hayward Lawn Service is more than just cleaning our front yard or outdoor space. We are all about boosting the aesthetic of your lawn & garden with a professional method that can improve the behaviors and well-being of everyone around it. Our team of gardeners can trim, till, and maintain the plants around your lawn to achieve a world-class exterior space.

Regarding recognition, Hayward is a household name due to our keen eye for details. We ensure all weeds are removed, mulch is evenly distributed, and seeds are properly planted to create a professional-grade lawn.

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